Morgan Brian’s ascension to World Cup stardom started on the soccer fields of St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. For a tiny island, St. Simon’s had a huge soccer culture, but it was clear at an early age that Morgan’s talent would soon outgrow her peers. From playing four years up, to making long drives to play on the clubs team of Jacksonville, Florida Morgan always sought new challenges to continue her development as a soccer player.

Although there were early successes, setbacks such as not being selected for the Florida State Team (i.e. ODP) gave Morgan even more motivation. With a deeper sense of determination, and the guidance from her coaches to set lofty goals, Morgan began achieving more than she ever dreamed possible, and collected top accolades as she worked her way through the high school and collegiate levels.

Morgan’s mentality that anything is possible through hard work and commitment helped her reach the pinnacle of soccer at only the age of 22 – World Cup Champion.